Nandi is a sought-out speaker with the privilege of speaking abroad and in the United States at conferences, public schools, organizations, etc. From her thoughtfulness, emphatic spirit and infectious personality and professionalism she will captivate your audience with engagement and empowerment. Nandi’s expertise ranges from mental health (specializing in autism), behavioral health, woman empowerment and personal development.

Mental Health

What’s the Function: The Four Functions of Behavior

Autism Spectrum Disorder 101

From Dependency to Independence: How to Promote Independence in Your Special Needs Child

Visual Supports and Alternative methods of communication

Behavioral Health

How to Interact with Special Needs Children: Tapping Into Your Inner Child

Take the Leap: How to Kickstart Your ABA Practice

Woman Empowerment

Being a Millennial Boss Babe: Having a sound Mind to Reach Your Full Potential

The state of reflection: Using your inner power to catapult your personal development

One Cannot pour from an empty vessel: Self Care for Parents

Personal Development

Creating Opportunities I’ve Never Dreamed: 7 Ways to Win in Life

From Zzzz’s to Dollar Signs: 5 Ways to Secure the Bag While You Rest

Who Fits In?: 5 Actions to Determine Who Fits Your Short and Long Term Vision


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